Oscar Movies: Going My Way

In the l940s, the only Oscar-winning comedy was Going My Way, directed by Leo McCarey and starring Bing Crosby.

Oscar Nominations: 10

Picture, produced by Leo McCarey
Director: Leo McCarey
Actor: Bing Crosby
Actor: Barry Fitzgerald
Supporting Actor: Barry Fitzgerald
Original Story: Leo McCarey
Screenplay: Frank Butler and Frank Cavett
Cinematography (b/w): Lionel Lindon
Editing: Leroy Stone
Song: “Swimming on a Star,” music by James Van Heusen, lyrics by Johnny Burke.

Oscar Awards: 7

Supporting Actor

Oscar Context:

Leo McCarey became the first filmmaker wo win three Oscars for the same film, as producer, director, and writer of Original Story.

It was the first and only year in Oscar's history that an actor, Barry Fitzgerald, could earn two nominations (lead and supporting) for the same role. Both Big Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald won acting awards, the former in the lead and the latter in the supporting category.

“Going My Way” competed for the top award with Billy Wilder's noir melodrama “Double Indemnity,” George Cukor's psychological thriller “Gaslight,” and two patriotic films, Selznick's all-star production, “Since You Went Away,” and the biopic Wilson.

Though boasting some of the most innovative stylistic, film noir is the least nominated genre in the Academy annals, probably due to its dark mood and downbeat tone. Which may explain why Fritz Lang, the master of film noir, has never been nominated for an Oscar. Billy Wilder's “Double Indemnity” was one of the few nominated noirs; significantly, it was the only film that did not win any Oscar.

In the following year Wilder and “The Lost Weekend,” would win Director and Best Picture, though most industry peopleand the public–related to “Lost Weekend” as a social problem picture (about alcoholism) rather than noir.

Next to “Going My Way,” the most nominated films were “Wilson” (10) and “Gaslight” and “Since You Went Away (each 8).

Though considered to be commercially disappointing, “Wilson” won 5 awards, mostly in the technical categories (Cinematography and Interior Decoration, both in color, and Special Effects).