Oscar Movies: Frogmen, The (1951): Starring Richard Widmark

In this World War II drama, directed by Lloyd Bacon, Richard Widmark plays Lt. Cmdr. John Lawrence, a navy commander assigned to replace the popular senior officer of a group of underwater demolition divers, known as the frogmen.

Lawrence tightens the discipline of this brave but fiercely independent group of underwater warriors.  He proves his worth in front of his men by neutralizing a live torpedo at the risk of his own life.

The cast includes Dana Andrews as Jake Flannigan, Gary Merrill as Lt. Cmdr Pete Vincent, Jeffrey Hunter as Creighton,Warren Stevens as Hodges, and Robert Wagner as Lt. Franklin

The film’s underwater photography is impressive, garnering an Oscar nomination.


Oscar Nominations: 2

Motion Picture Story: Oscar Millard

Cinematography (black-and-white): Norbert Brodine


Oscar Awards: None


Oscar Context:

The writing Oscar went to Paul Dehn and James Bernard for “Seven Days to Noon.”

William C. Mellor received the Cinematography Oscar for “A Place in the Sun.”


Running time: 96 minutes.

Directed by Lloyd Bacon.

DVD: May 24, 2005