Oscar Movies: Few Good Men, A (1992)

Columbia (Castle Rock Production)

Oscar Nominations: 4

Picture, produced by David Brown, Rob Reiner, and Andrew Scheinman
Supporting Actor: Jack Nicholson
Film Editing: Robert Leighton
Sound: Kevin O'Connell, Rick Kline, and Rob Eber

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context

At Oscar time, “Unforgiven” competed for the Best Picture with Neil Jordan's suspenseful drama, “The Crying Game,” “A Few Good Men,” the literary adaptation “Howards End,” and the well-acted melodrama, “Scent of a Woman.” Some critics felt that this auteurist effort—Eastwood was the producer, director, and star–reflected the Academy and industry's wish to recognize a major star that has never been nominated before.

“Unforgiven” is only the third Western to receive the Best Picture Oscar after “Cimarron” (1933) and Kevin Costner's “Dances With Wolves” (1990). Though released in the summer, it was both a critical and commercial success; the film was named Best Picture by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

“A Few Good Men” was the only nominee to leave the telecast without any Oscars. “Unforgiven” won the Supporting Actor for Gene Hackman and the Sound Award for Joel Cox. The Sound Oscar went deservedly to Michael Mann's “The Last of the Mohicans.”