Oscar Movies: Fantastic Voyage (1966)



In Richard Fleischer’s whimsical tale, which was extremely popular at the time, a famous scientist suffers from a blood clot on his brain, which only a radically experimental treatment can cure him.


Excepting Stephen Boyd and Raquel Welch, the cast is composed of mostly character actors such as Edmond O’Brien, Donald Pleasance, Arthur O’Connell and Arthur Kennedy.


Oscar Nominations: 5


Art Direction-Set Decoration (color): Jack Martin Smith and Dale Hennesy; Walter M. Scott and Stuart A. Reiss

Cinematography (color): Ernest Laszlo

Film Editing: William B. Murphy

Special Visual Effects Art Cruickshank

Sound Effects: Walter Rossi


Oscar Awards:  2


Art Direction-Set Decoration

Special Sound Effects


Oscar Context


The Cinematography Oscar went (undeservedly) to Ted Moore for “A Man for All Seasons,” which swept most of the Oscars in 1966, including Picture and Director to Zinnemann.


The Editing and Sound Effects Awards went to the adventure “The Grand Prix.”