Oscar Movies: Face to Face (1976)




Oscar Nominations: 2


Director:  Ingmar Bergman

Actress: Liv Ullmann


Oscar Awards: None


Oscar Context:


Both Liv Ullmann and Ingmar Bergman have been nominated before, and for better work, though neither ever won a competitive Oscar; Bergman received honorary Oscar and some of his pictures (“Fanny and Alexander”) were awarded with the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. 


In this picture, Ullmann plays a psychiatrist who suffers a nervous breakdown. Initially, a Swedish TV miniseries of four parts, it was then edited down to a two-hour feature for its international theatrical release.


John Avildsen won the Best Director for “Rocky,” which also won Best Picture.  Faye Dunaway received the Best Actress Oscar for “Network,” which is one of the few films in the Academy's annals to receive five acting nominations, two of which in the Best Actor category: Peter Finch and William Holden.  Three of the quintet won: Finch, posthumously, Dunaway, and Beatrice Straight.