Oscar Movies: Desert Rats, Starring Richard Burton

Directed by Robert Wise, The Desert Rats was a follow-up to 20th Century-Fox’s war film The Desert Fox.

Richard Burton plays an officer in the British Eighth Army, trying to halt Rommel’s forces in defense of Tobruk.

Put in charge of an Australian unit, Burton rides his men ruthlessly but successfully. He is briefly captured by the Nazis and questioned by General Rommel himself, but escapes to lead his surviving troops to safety.

James Mason, who portrayed Rommel in The Desert Fox, reprises his role in this picture.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Story and Screenplay: Richard Murphy

Oscar Context:

The winners were Charles Brackett, Walter Reisch, and Richard Breen for Titanic.


Running time: 88 minutes.

Directed by Robert Wise

Written by Richard Murphy

DVD: May 21, 2002