Oscar Movies: Cousin, Cousine (1976)

French Comedy

Northal Film Release of Les Films Pomereu-Gaumont Productions

Oscar Nominations: 3

Foreign-Language Film
Actress: Marie-Christine Barrault
Screenplay (Original): Jean-Charles Tachella and Daniele Thompson

Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context

Marie-Christine Barrault belongs to a small group of French actresses nominated for a French film, like Catherine Deneuve for “Indochine.”

In 1976, the winner of the Foreign-Language Oscar film was the Ivory Coast's entry, “Black and White in Color.”

The other foreign-language nominees were:
“Jacob, the Liar” from Germany; “Nights and Days” from Poland; and “Seven Beauties” from Italy.

Paddy Chayefsky won the Original Script Oscar for the TV satire “Network,” which also garnered the Best Actress Award for Faye Dunaway.