Oscar Movies: Chariots of Fire

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Oscar Nominations: 7

Enigma Productions/Ladd Company; released by Warner

Picture, produced by David Puttnam
Director: Hugh Hudson
Supporting Actor: Ian Holm
Screenplay (Original): Colin Welland
Score (original): Vangelis
Film Editing: Terry Rawlings
Costume Design: Milena Canonero

Oscar Awards: 4

Costume Design

Oscar Context

In 1981, the most-nominated picture was Warren Beatty's romantic historical epic, “Reds,” which received 12 nods, but won only 2; “On Golden Pond,” nominated for 10, winning 3; the action-adventure “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” with 9 nominations and 5 Oscars; and Louis Malle's “Atlantic City,” which lost in each of its five nominated categories.

Hugh Hudson lost to Warren Beatty; the editing Oscar went to Michael Kahn for “raiders of the Lost Ark;” and the Supporting Oscar was John Gielgud, who was in “Chariots of Fire,” but was nominated for the comedy “Arthur.”

Auteur Alert

Shockingly, this is Hugh Hudson's only decent film, which was followed by various disastrous efforts.