Oscar Movies: Cavalcade (1933)


Oscar Nominations: 4

Picture, produced by Winfield Sheehan
Director: Frank Lloyd
Actress: Diana Wynyard
Interior Decoration: William S. Darling

Oscar Awards: 3

Interior Decoration

Oscar Context

In 1933, “Cavalcade” competed with nine other films for the Best Picture Oscar: “A Farewell to Arms,” Forty-Second Street,” “I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang,” Lady for a Day,” “Little Women,” “The Private Life of Henry VIII,” She Done Him Wrong,” “Smiling Through,” and “State Fair.”

“The Private Life of Henry VIII” was the first British film to be nominated for Best Picture and to score a huge success at the box-office, largely due to Charles Laughton's Oscar-winning performance. “She Done Him Wrong” is the only Mae West to be nominated for the top award.