Oscar Movies: Broken Lance (1954)

Screenwriter Philip Yordan won the Oscar for Motion Picture Story, and Katy Jurado, who two years earlier excelled as Gary Cooper’s mistress in “High Noon,” received a Best Supporting Actress nomination.


Oscar Nominations: 2

Supporting Actress: Katy Jurado

Motion Picture Story: Philip Yordan

Oscar Awards: 1

Motion Picture Story

Oscar Context

This particular Oscar for Yordan raised eyebrows as the movie was considered to be a loose remake of the 1949 feature, “House of Strangers.” Yordan claimed that he adapted to the screen the novel by Jerome Weidman, upon which “House of Strangers was based, but Joseph l. Mankiewicz disputed that.

The winner of the Supporting Actress Oscar was Eva Marie saint in “On the Waterfront,” which swept the 1954 Academy Awards.