Oscar Movies: Bright Victory (1951)–Arthur Kennedy as Blind War Vet


Arthur Kennedy received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for playing Larry Nevins, a blinded WWII veteran struggling to adjust to his affliction.

Refusing to lapse into pathos or sentimentality, “Bright Victory,” based on the novel by Bayard Kendrick, is a powerful, realistic, and ultimately inspirational film.

In the long, arduous process, Larry must overcome his attitude towards any problem he can’t think his way out of and must also learn to temper his prejudices.

Peggy Dow plays the patient but strong woman who loves Larry, willing to be harsh and cruel to him when he’s down and feels sorry for himself.

Arthur Kennedy’s creditable performance won him the Best Actor Award from the New York Critics Circle, but not the Oscar.

This was Kennedy’s first and only lead Oscar nomination, but he was nominated multiple times in the supporting actor league.

You can spot Rock Hudson, who was a Universal contract player, in a bit role as a soldier.

Oscar Nominations: 2

Actor: Arthur Kennedy

Sound: Leslie I. Carey


Oscar Awards: None

Oscar Context:

The winner of the Best Actor Oscar was Humphrey Bogart for “The African Queen.”



Running time: 96 Minutes.

Directed by Mark Robson

Screenplay: Robert Buckner, Baynard Kendrick

Released: July 31, 1951.



Arthur Kennedy as Larry Nevins

Peggy Dow as Judy Greene

Julie Adams as Chris Paterson

John Hudson as Corporal John Flagg

James Edwards as Joe Morgan

Nana Bryant as Mrs. Nevins