Oscar Movies: Braveheart (1995)


(Icon Productions/The Ladd Company/Marquis Film))

Oscar Nominations: 10

Picture, produced by Mel Gibson and Alan Ladd
Director: Mel Gibson
Screenplay (Original): Randall Wallace
Cinematography: John Toll
Sound: Andy Nelson, Scott Millan, Anna Behlmer, Brian Simmons
Sound Effects Editing: Lon Bender, Per Hallberg
Film Editing: Steven Rosenblum
Costume Design: Charles Knode
Makeup: Peter Frampton, Paul Pattison, Lois Burwell
Score (Dramatic): James Horner

Oscar Awards: 5

Sound Effects Editing

Oscar Context

In 1995, the main competition in the Best Picture category was between Gibson's violent historical epic “Braveheart,” which received 10 nominations, and Ron Howard's fact-inspired adventure “Apollo 13,” with 9, though director Howard was snubbed by the Academy.

The other nominees were “Babe,” the foreign-language film “Il Postino” (“The Postman”), and Ang Lee's literary adaptation “Sense and Sensibility,” which won Emma Thompson an Adapted Screenplay Oscar.

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