Oscar Movies: Born Yesterday


Oscar Nominations: 5

Picture, produced by S. Sylvan Simon
Director: George Cukor
Screenplay: Albert Mannheimer
Actress: Judy Holliday
Costume Design (b/w): Jean Louis

Oscar Awards: 1


Oscar Context

“All About Eve” was the most nominated film until “Titanic” (1997), which also garnered 14 nods. Joseph Mankiewicz, winning a second Director Oscar in a row (after “Letter to Three Wives” in 1949) joined the company of John Ford, who also won consecutive directorial Oscars.

In 1950, George Cukor's “Born Yesterday” competed for the Best Picture with “All About Eve,” which swept the Oscars, Minnelli's domestic comedy “Father of the Bride,” the action- adventure “King Solomon's Mines,” and Billy Wilder's dark satire of Hollywood “Sunset Boulevard,” which received an impressive number of nominations, 11, but won only 3.