Oscar Movies: Bitter Rice (1950)–Starring Silvana Mangano–Story Nom

In “Bitter Rice” (“Riso Amaro”), a landmark film of the Italian neorealist movement, the gorgeously looking Silvana Mangano portrays a woman named Silvana, working in the Po Valley rice fields.

Riso amaro
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In the course of the tale, she is courted and torn by two men: the respectable Marco (Raf Vallone) and the no-good but alluring fugitive Walter (Vittorio Gassman). Silvana chooses Walter, which brings disaster not only to her but to her co-workers.

Oscar Nominations: 1

Motion Picture Story: Giuseppe De Santis (who directed) and Carlo Lizzani

Oscar Awards: None

 Oscar Context:

 A surprise nomination in the writing category for the new-realist film that ironically gained notoriety not for its depiction of work in the rice fields but due to Silvana Mangano’s sex appeal.

“Panic in the Street,” co-written by Edward Anhalt and Edna Anhalt won the Motion Picture Story Oscar


Vittorio Gassman as Walter

Doris Dowling as Francesca

Silvana Mangano as Silvana

Raf Vallone as Marco

Checco Rissone as Aristide

Nico Pepe as Beppe


Running time: 108 Minutes.

Directed By: Giuseppe De Santis,

Released on September 21, 1949.