Oscar Movies: Accidental Tourist, The (1988)


At Oscar time, “The Accidental Tourist” competed against the witty, offbeat costume piece, “Dangerous Liaisons”; the controversial political expose, “Mississippi Burning,” which was faulted for distorting reality; Mike Nicholss light comedy about corporate-ladder-climbing, “Working Girl”; and Barry Levinsons sibling serio-comedy, “Rain Man,” which won Best Picture, Director, and Actor (Dustin Hoffman).

In 1988, the Adapted Screenplay Oscar went to Christopher Hampton for “Dangerous Liaisons,” and composer John Williams lost to Dave Grushin, who won for Robert Redford's “The Milagro Beanfield War.”

Oscar Nominations: 4

Picture, produced by Lawrence Kasdan, Charles Okun, and Michael Grillo
Screenplay (Adapted): Frank Galati and Lawrence Kasdan
Supporting Actress: Geena Davis
Score: John Williams

Oscar Awards: 1

Supporting Actress