Oscar Impact: Sinatra

In the late 1940s, Frank (The Voice) Sinatra enjoyed success on stage, radio, and in musical films.

However, in 1952, Sinatra was dropped by RCA when his vocal cords abruptly hemorrhaged. Sinatra's career seemed finished. He didn't give up. Fighting back to get on track, Sinatra literally begged Columbia to cast him as Angelo Maggio in Zinnemann's high-profile drama “From Here to Eternity,” for which he was paid as little as $8,000.

Nontheless, the Supporting Oscar for this performance, and the huge success of the whole movie, salvaged Sinatra's career, establishing him as a leading dramatic actor with a wider range. This led to a second, this time Best Actor, nomination for Otto Preminger's “The Man With the Golden Arm,” in 1955.