Oscar Impact: Multiple Awards for the Same Role

Multiple awards are usually conferred on thespians for the same performances. About one-third of the New York Film Critics winners have been cited for the same role that won them the Oscar.

Ray Milland

As Ray Milland observed in 1945: “I found myself the recipient of more awards than I ever knew existed.” For his portrait of the alcoholic writer in “The Lost Weekend,” Milland received the Oscar, the New York Film Critics Award, the Golden Globe, the Look magazine award, and a citation from the Alcoholics Anonymous Unwed Mothers of America.

Mercedes McCambridge

McCambridge was also surprised that for “the same short performance, I had already won two Golden Globes, one for Supporting Actress and one for Newcomer, the Look Award, and other awards.”

Susan Hayward

There are so many awards these days that actors can collect over a dozen prizes for the very same role. For her portrayal of the petty criminal Barbara Graham in “I Want to Live!” Susan Hayward won the Oscar, the New York Film Critics, the Golden Globe, the Cannes festival, and the Donatello (the Italian Oscar) awards.

George C. Scott

For “Patton,” Scott was singled out by the Academy, the New York Film Critics, the Hollywood Foreign Press, the National Society of Film Critics, the National Board of Review, and the British Film Academy.

Helen Mirren

By February 2007, Helen Mirren has won accolades for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in “The Queen” from over 20 critics groups in the U.S. alone, including N.Y., L.A., National Board, National Society, Broadcast Film Critics. Additionally, she received two Golden Globes and two Actor Awards from the Screen Actor Guild, for two queens, Elizabeth I in HBO show of the same title and Elizabeth II.