Oscar Impact: All About Eve

In the 1950s, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences continued to honor intimate small-scale pictures. In most cases, qinning the top Oscar had only a modest influence on the films' commercial standing.

Contrary to public opinion, “All About Eve” (1950) was not a huge hit–it ranked as the year's eighth grosser with $2.9 million. Nominated an all-time record of 14 Oscars, it won 6, including Best Picture. Was it the theatrical milieu of the film that limited its appeal Its acerbic and sophisticated dialogue “All About Ev” became a cult film in the 1960s and 1970s, as a result of exposure on TV and in revival houses.

On the other hand, it's doubtful that an intimate drama such as “Marty” (1955) would have grossed $ 2million in 1955 without winning the the top Oscar.

Minnelli's MGM musical “Gigi” (1958) was commercially successful before winning Best Picture, but the award added about $2 million to its grosses, thus making it the fifth topgrosser of the year, with $7 million.