Oscar: Ratings of Awards Shows

Is there a correlation between the caliber of movies nominated for Best Picture and the popularity of the Oscar show, as measured by the Nielsen ratings:

Oscar 1993

Best Picture: Schindler’s List Rating: 31.1 Viewers: 45.1 million

Oscar 1994

Best Picture: Forrest Gump Rating: 32.5 Viewers: 48.3 million

Oscar 1995

Best Picture: Braveheart Rating: 30.3 Viewers: 44.9 million

Oscar 1996

Best Picture: The English Patient Rating: 27.4 Viewers: 40.1 million

Oscar 1997

Best Picture: Titanic Rating: 34.9 Viewers: 55.3 million

Oscar 1998

Best Picture: Shakespeare in Love Rating: 28.6 Viewers: 45.6 million

Oscar 1999

Best Picture: American Beauty Rating: 29.2 Viewers: 46.3 million

Oscar 2000

Best Picture: Gladiator Rating: 26.2 Viewers: 42.9 million

Oscar 2001

Best Picture: A Beautiful Mind Rating: 25.4 Viewers: 41.8 million

Oscar 2002

Best Picture: Chicago Rating: 20.4 Viewers: 33.0 million

Oscar 2003

Best Picture: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Rating: 26.0 Viewers: 43.5 million

Oscar 2004

Best Picture: Million Dollar Baby Rating: 25. Viewers: 41.5 million

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