Oscar: John Wayne in True Grit (1969)

John Wayne was another cynical actor, who deprecated the value of winning the Oscar Award–before he won.

Asked how he felt about the possibility of winning, he would say, “You can’t eat awards. Nor, more to the point, drink them.”

“My pictures don’t call for the great dramatic range that wins Oscars,” the Duke said, which was based on the unfortunate reality that his specialty, Westerns, have always been overlooked by the Academy.
In 1969, however, when the prospects to win the Best Actor for “True Grit” seemed good, Wayne became more cautious in his public utterances. 
And after winning, Wayne praised the award as a great accolade: “The Oscar is a beautiful thing to have. It symbolizes appreciation of yourself by your peers. The Oscar means a lot to me, even if it took the industry 40 years to get around to it.”