Oscar: Best Picture–Great and Weak Winners Per Film Critics

How good are Oscar-winning movies, artistically?

This was the point of departure for a survey conducted over the past ten days on my website, EmanuelLevy.com.

Respondents were asked to rank-order the ten best and the ten worst films that have won the highly coveted top prize, Best Picture.

The survey’s results are based on 100 responses, 50 of which were filled out by professional critics and journalists across the country. The other 50 were randomly chosen out of hundreds of surveys received from readers of my site.

The poll closed last night (Feb 26) at midnight, and my sincere apologies go to those who have sent it after the deadline.

Here is a summary of the results:

Oscar’s Ten Best Pictures (rank-ordered by percentage of votes)

The Godfather (73%)
The Godfather, Part II (71%)
Casablanca (69%)
All About Eve (56%)
Lawrence of Arabia (54%)
Unforgiven (44%)
It Happened One Night (42%)
On the Waterfront (41%)
The Apartment (33%)
Annie Hall (32%)

Oscar’s Ten Worst Pictures (rank-ordered by percentage of votes):

Around the World in 80 Days (57%)
The Greatest Show on Earth (54%)
Braveheart (47%)
Gladiator (43%)
Mrs. Miniver (43%)
A Beautiful Mind (35%)
The Broadway Melody (30%)
The Great Ziegfeld (29%)
Cavalcade (28%)
Cimarron (27%)