Oscar: All About Eve (1950)–One of Two Most Nominated (14) Best Pictures

“All About Eve” ties with “Titanic” as the most (14) nominated picture in film history.

But “All About Eve” holds the record for another reason: It’s the only picture in which four women were nominated for Oscar Awards: two in the lead (Bette Davis and Anne Baxter) and two in the supporting category (Celeste Holme and Thelma Ritter).

None of the four women won the Oscar. The winner of Best Actress was Judy Holliday for “Born Yeterday,” and the Supporting Actress award went to Josephine Hull for “Harvey.”

While Davis, Baxter, and Holme all had won Oscars for different movies, Ritter had never won, despite six nominations. (See bio of Ritter).