Oscar: Foreign Language Film Oscar Winners–Commercial Hits

Best Foreign Language Film winners that were also popular at the box-office, breaking out of the art house ghetto to find wider appeal:

1993: Belle Epoche, Spain, $5.4 million (Sony Classics)

1994: Burnt by the Sun, Russia, $2.3 million (Sony Classics)

1995: Antonia’s Line, The Netherlands, $4.2 million (First Look)

1996: Kolya, Czechoslovakia, $5.8 million (Miramax)

1997: Character, The Netherlands, $0.6 million (Sony Classics)

1998: Life Is Beautiful, Italian, $7.2 million (Miramax)

1999:All About My Mother, Spain, $8.3 (Miramax)

2000: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tiger, $128.1 (Sony Classics)

2001: No Man’s Land, $1.1 million (MGM/UA)

2002: Nowhere in Africa, Germany, $6.2 million (Zeitgeist)