Oscar: Hustons–Award-Winning Dynasty: Walter, John, Anjelica

Three generations of the Huston clan have won the Oscars. In 1948, John Huston won two Oscars, for writing and directing The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, a film that provided his father, Walter Huston, with one of his richest roles. Huston pere played the shrewd old gold prospector, for which he won a supporting Oscar. This double win was the emotional highlight of the evening, after which Walter Huston jokingly remarked: “I always told my boy that if he ever became a director to find a part for his old man.”

Thirty-seven years later, John Huston’s daughter, Anjelica Huston, accepted a Supporting Oscar for her stunning performance as the don’s wild and wronged granddaughter in Prizzi’s Honor, directed by none other than her father. The pre-Oscar polls predicted that John Huston would win a second directorial Oscar for Prizzi’s Honor, and people in the industry were excited at the prospects of seeing father and daughter sharing the spotlight.

The winner, however, was Sydney Pollack for Out of Africa. In her acceptance speech, Anjelica, who had made her debut in one of her father’s pictures, acknowledged her family debt: “This means a lot to me, especially since it comes for a role in which I was directed by my father, and I know it means a lot to him.” John Huston became the only director to have directed both his father and his daughter for Oscar victories.