Oscar: Barrymores–Award-Winning Family

Oscar anxieties and frustrations have also dominated the noted Barrymore family.

Two of the Barrymore siblings have won Oscars. Lionel Barrymore earned the 1930-31 Best Actor (A Free Soul), as Norma Shearer’s alcoholic lawyer-father.

His sister, Ethel Barrymore, was nominated four times for supporting actress within five years, finally winning for None But the Lonely Heart, as Cary Grant’s poor mother. Nonetheless, John Barrymore, the most famous sibling, was never nominated. The Barrymores, like the Redgraves, have been an acting clan extending over five generations.

Drew Barrymore is the most recent family member to have graced the screen, beginning with E.T. in 1982. A prominent actress-producer (Charlie’s Angels), Drew is likely to be nominated in the future.