Oscar: Directors Winning Best Foreign Film Award, 1947-present

Research in progress, Nov 25, 2021

De Sica, Vittorio (Italy)

Shoeshine, 1947, won (non competitive)

Bicycle Thieves, 1949, won (non competitive)

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 1964, won (competitive)

Marriage Italian Style, 1965, nominated

Garden of the Finzi-Continis, The, 1971, won (competitive)


Federico Fellini

La Strada, 1956, won

Nights of Cabiria, The, 1957, won

81/2, 1963, won

Amarcord, 1974, won


Mario Monicelli

Big Deal on Madonna Street, 1958, nominated (aka The Usual Unidentified Thieves)

The Great War, 1959, nominated

The Girl With the Pistol, 1968, nominated

Viva Italia (anthology), 1978, nominated