Oscar Directors: Wilde, Ted–Background, Career, Awards, Filmography

Ted Wilde Career Summary

Occupational Inheritance:

Social Class:


Origins: Writer

Age at First Film: 35

Age at First Nomination: 39

Film Output: small (less than 10)

Career Span:

Age at Last Film: 40



Death: 1929; age 40


Born in New York City, on December 16, 1889, Ted Wilde began his career as a member of Harold Lloyd’s writing staff.  He is best known as comedy writer and director during the silent era, though he also produced two movies with sound in 1930.

His final film as a director was “Clancy in Wall Street,” released posthumously in 1930.

He died of a stroke in Hollywood on December 17, 1929, at the age of 40.

Oscar Alert

He was nominated for the Best Director of a Comedy, Speedy, in the first year of the Academy Awards, 1927-28, at the age of  39.  He did not win.


Clancy in Wall Street (1930)

Loose Ankles (1930)

Speedy (1928)

Babe Comes Home (1927)

The Kid Brother (1927)

The Haunted Honeymoon (1925)

A Sailor Papa (1925)

The Goofy Age (1924)

Battling Orioles (1924)