Oscar Directors: Sheridan, Jim

Born in 1949, in Dublin, Ireland. After graduating from University College, he followed in his father's footsteps and started a small theatrical company called Children's T. and ran the Project Art Center, Dublin's main alternative theater.

Traveling to New York, he served as artistic director of that city's Irish Arts Center and briefly attended the NYU film school. He later used some of his personal experience for the movie, “In America.”

On returning to Ireland, he directed a remarkable first film, “My Left Foot” (1989), a sensitive, often humorous and refreshingly unsentimental adaptation of the autobiography by the late paralyzed writerpainter Christy Brown. Sheridan was nominated for a Directing Oscar Award for directing the film.

Oscar Nominations as Director: 2

1989: My Left Foot
1993: In the Name of the Father

In 1989, the Oscar winner was Oliver Stone for “Born on the Fourth of July,” and in 1993, Steven Spielberg, for “Schindler's List.”