Oscar Directors: Hitchcock

With ther exception of Jonathan Demme, who wwon the Best Director Oscar for “The Silence of the Lambs” (1991), no filmmaker has ever won a directorial Oscar for a thriller, including Hitchcock, the genre's acknowledged master.

Hitchcock was nominated five times as Best Director: for “Rebecca” (1940), “Lifeboat” (1944), “Spellbound” (1945), “Rear Window” (1954), and “Psycho” (1960), one of his last undisputed success.

Four Hitchcock films were nominated for Best Picture, the aforementioned “Rebecca” and “Foreign Correspondent,” “Suspicion,” and “Spellbound,” none of which rank among his best achievements.

Failing to give Hitchcock a legitimate Oscar, the Academy compensated Hitchcock with a 1968 Honorary Oscar. No wonder, the master was cynical in his views of the Oscar, telling a reporter he wasn't disappointed for not winning–“What do I want with another doorstop”

Pscar Context

In 1940, Hitchcock lost the Directing Oscar to John Ford, who won for “The Grapes of Wrath.”

In 1944, the winner was Leo McCarey for Going My Way.”

In 1945, Billy Wilder won Best Director for “The Lost Weekend,” which also received Best Picture.

In 1954, the Best Director was Elia Kazan for “On the Waterfront.”

In 1960, Hitchcock again lost to Billy Wilder, who won for “The Apartment.”