Oscar Directors: Hicks, Scott–Shine, Starring Oscar Winning Geoffrey Rush

Born March 4, 1953 in Australia, Scott Hicks began directing in 1975, with Down the Wind, followed by Freedom, in 1982.

But the movie that put his name on the international map was the biopic, Shine, which received 7 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, winning Best Actor for Geoffrey Rush. But his subsequent work has been disappointing, particularly the follow-up to Shine, “Snow Falling on Cedars,” in 1999.

Oscar Alert

In 1996, Scott Hicks received a Best Director nomination for the biopic “Shine,” but the winner was Anthony Minghella for “The English Patient.” The other three nominees were: Joel Coen for “Fargo,” Milos Forman for “The People Vs. Larry Flynt,” and Mike Leigh for “Secrets & Lies.”