Oscar Directors: Foreign Directors Nominated for Academy Award

The year of 1960 marks some kind of turning point, in the sense that the small elitist Directors Branch opened its gates to foreign (non-U.S.) directors, or American directors who worked in other languages and countries.

Of the five estimable nominees:

1960: Jules Dassin (US born) but nominated for Greek comedy, Never on Sunday

1961: Italian Fellini is nominated for La Dolce Vita

1962: Italian Piero Germi,

1963: Italian Fellini, 81/2

1964: Michael Cacoyannis, Greek, Zorba the Greek (the film is in English)

1965: Teshigahara, Japan, Woman in the Dunes

1966: two of five nominees were foreign:

Antonion, Italian, Blow-Up (film in English)

Claude Lelouch, A Man and a Woman

1967: None

1968: Pontecorvo, Italian, Battle of Algiers;

Franco Zeffirelli, Italian, Romeo and Juliet (in English)

1969: Costa-Gavras, Greek, Z

1970: Ken Russell, British, Women in Love

Fellini, Italian

1971: None

1972: Jan Troell, The Emigrants

1973: Bertolucci, Italian, Last Tango in Paris; Ingmar Bergman, Cries and Whispers

1974: Francois Truffaut, French, Day for Night;

Polanski, Polish-born, Chinatown (in English)

1975: Fellini, Italian, Amarcord

1976: Ingmar Bergman, Swedish, Face to Face

Lina Wertmueller, Seven Beauties

1977: None

1978: None

1979: Molinaro, French, La Cage Aux Folles