Oscar Directors: Acting Nominations–Cukor Vs. Wyler and Kazan

Between 1930 and 1972, George Cukor directed 21 different actors and actresses to Academy Award nominations, with five winning.

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Five Acting Nominations:

Three of his acting wins were men, including Jimmy Stewart in The Philadelphia Story (1940). H was especially proud when Judy Holiday won the Best Actress in 1950 for the comedy, Born Yesterday.

All five winners were in the lead category (Best Actor and Best Actress); none in the supporting leagues.

Only three other directors – William Wyler, Elia Kazan and Martin Scorsese – have more acting nominations.

He directed 7 films nominated for Best Picture, tying with three directors for that honor.

Five directors have 8 or more nominations.

On his fifth Best Director nomination, he finally won himself, for “My Fair Lady” in 1964, becoming at the time the oldest director to ever win, a record he held until 2002, when Roman Polanski won the directing Oscar for “The Piano.”