Oscar: Best Picture Nominees–Literary Source

July 21, 2020

Oscar Nominated Films (J): Literary Source (11 films)

Jaws, 1975

Script (not nominated), was based on the best-selling novel by Peter Benchley

Jerry Maguire, 1996

Script: Nominated

Jezebel, 1939

Script, not nominated, by Clements Ripley, Abam Finkley, John Huston



J.F.K. 1991

Script, Nominated



Johnny Belinda, 1948

Script, Nominated, Irmgard Von Cube and Allen Vincent


JoJo Rabbit, 2019


Joker, 2019


Judgment at Nuremberg, 1961

Script (Winner), Abby Mann


Recycling: Broadway play; TV

Julia, 1977

Script, nominated

Based on Lillian Hellman

Julius Caesar, 1952


Source: Shakespeare

Juno, 2007

Script, Nominated, Diablo Cody