Oscar: Best Actors–Worst (Least Deserving) Performances

The least deserving men who have won the Best Actor Oscar over the past 89 years, often for a mediocre performance, and due to other, extra-curricular factors.

Many of these men have been nominated for, but did not win, great performances. Jack Lemmon is a prime example.

Worst Performances, Chronologically

Lionel Barrymore, A Free Soul

Spencer Tracy, Captains Courageous (he won a second, consecutive Oscar for a better performance in Boys Town

Paul Lukas, Watch on the Rhine

Jose Ferrer, Cyrano de Bergerac

Ernest Borgnine, Marty

David Niven, Separate Tables

Lee Marvin, Cat Ballou

Cliff Robertson, Charly

Jack Lemmon, Save the Tiger

Art Carney, Harry and Tonto

Richard Dreyfuss, The Goodbye Girl

Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of Everything

If I have to choose three, they would be David Niven in Separate Tables, Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou, and Richard Dreyfuss in The Goodbye Girl