Oscar Actors: Peters, Susan

Susan Peters was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress in “Random Harvest,” which received
seven Oscar nominations, including Best Picture (produced by Sidney Franklin), Director (Mervyn LeRoy), and Actor (Ronald Colman)

truth to tell, her part, which dominates the middle section of the amnesia melodrama, is almost as

big as that of the nominal leading lady, Greer Garsoon, who received the Best Actress Oscar the same year for her other hit, “Mrs. Miniver.”

Easily one of the worst films to win the Best Picture Oscar, Mrs. Miniver competed against The Invaders, Kings Row, The Magnificent Ambersons, The Pied Piper, The Pride of the Yankees, Random Harvest, The Talk of the Town, Wake Island, and Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Most of these films were patriotic flag-wavers, reflecting the surrounding reality of the U.S. 1941 entry into WWII. Next to Mrs. Miniver, the Gary Cooper sports biopic The Pride of the Yankees, was the most nominated (11) picture, though it won only one Oscar, for Daniel Mandell's editing.

Ronald Colman lost the Bets Actor Oscar to James Cagney, who won for Yankee Doodle Dandy, and the Supporting Actress Oscar went to Teresa Wright for Mrs. Miniver. The Art Direction Oscar went to “This Above All, and Max Steiner won the Scoring award for the Bette Davis melodrama, Now, Voyager.