Oscar Actors: Loy, Myrna–Never Nominated but Honorary Oscar

Of all the major actresses of her generation—Garbo, Hepburn, Stanwyck, Claudette Colbert, Jean Arthur, Rosalind Russell–Myrna Loy is the only one who has never nominated for a competitive Academy Award in the Best Actress category.

Was it her light, understated, often sophisticated acting style that precluded her from serious consideration by the Academy’s Acting Branch?  Was she taken for granted by making it easier?

Loy certainly worked with major directors and top male stars?  In 1946, when William Wyler’s The Best Years of Our Lives swept all the Oscar nomination and then awards, including Best Picture, Actor, Supporting Actress, Loy was not even nominated for giving a superlative performance as Fredric March’s loyal and loving wife.

In March 1991, as if to correct this omission, Loy was presented with an Honorary Oscar Award with the inscription “In recognition of her extraordinary qualities both on screen and off, with appreciation for a lifetime’s worth of indelible performances.”