Oscar Actors: Olivier, Laurence–Number of Oscar Nominations and Awards

Laurence Olivier was nominated for ten Academy Awards: nine in the lead and one in the supporting category. He won one Oscar, Best Actor for “Hamlet” in 1948, which also won Best Picture.

His nominations span almost four decades, from “Wuthering Heights” in 1939 to “The Boys from Brazil” in 1978.Olivier also received an Honorary Oscar from the Academy in 1979.

Four of his nominations were for his famed Shakespearean interpretations, playing Henry V, Hamlet, Richard III, and Othello.

Best Actor Nominations: 9

1939: Wuthering Heights
1940: Rebecca
1946: Henry V
1948: Hamlet
1956: Richard III
1960: The Entertainer
1965: Othello
1972: Sleuth
1978: The Boys from Brazil

Supporting Actor Nominations: 1

1975: Marathon Man