Oscar Actors: Hackett, Joan

Born May 1, 1942 in New York City; died 1983.

A former fashion model, Hackett studied acting under Lee Strasberg and established her acting credentials on Broadway with a fine portrayal in “Call Me by My Rightful Name” (1961). An intelligent actress with good comedy and dramatic skills, she subsequently appeared in other Broadway productions and TV presentations.

On screen from 1966, Hackett was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in “Only When I Laugh,” based on Neil Simon's comedy (1981).

She died of cancer at 41.

Oscar Alert

In 1981, Joan Hackett competed for the Supporting Actress Oscar with Melinda Dillon in “Absence of Malice,” Jane Fonda in “On Golden Pond,” Elizabeth McGovern in “Ragtime,” and Maureen Stapleton (who won) in “Reds.”