Oscar Actors: Dench, Judi

The 2006 Best Actress nod for her fantastic performance in “Notes on a Scandal” is Judi Dench's six nomination in less than a decade.

Dench, 72, has won the Supporting Actress Oscar in 1998 for the historical romantic comedy, John Madden's “Shakespeare in Love,” which also received Best Picture and Best Actress to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Of Dench's 6 nominations, 4 were in the lead and 2 in the supporting category.

Judi Dench's Oscar Nominations

1997: Mrs. Brown (Best Actress)
1998: Shakespeare in Love (Supporting Actress)
2000: Chocolat (Supporting Actress)
2001: Iris (Best Actress)
2005: Mrs. Henderson Presents (Best Actress)
2006: Notes on a Scandal (Best Actress)