Oscar Actors: Cusack, Joan

Born October 11, 1962 in Evanston, Illinois.

The sister of actor John Cusack, Joan Cusack is a character comedienne of the 1980s, often portraying young airheads. She was absent from the big screen during 198586 when she was a regular on TV's “Saturday Night Live.”

Joan Cusack has been nominated twice for Academy Awards as Best supporting actress, both times in comedies directed by Mike Nichols, for “Working Girl” in 1988 and for “In & Out” in 1997.

Oscar Alert

In 1988, Cusack competed for the Supporting Actress Oscar with Geena Davis who won for Kasdan's serio comedy “The Accidental Tourist,” Frances McDormand in the political thriller “Mississippi Burning,” Michelle Pfeiffer in the costume drama “Dangerous Liaisons,” and Sigourney Weaver, also for “Working Girl.”

In 1997, Cusack lost the Supporting Oscar to Kim Basinger, who won for Curtis Hanson's noir policier, “L.A. Confidential.”