Oscar Actors: Cromwell, James

Australin actor James Cromwell jhas been Oscar-nominated once, in the supporting league, for “Babe,” in which he plays a farmer, whose very presence threatens to end the life of his pet.

In 1995, Cromwell competed for the Supporting Actor Oscar with Ed Harris in “Apollo 13,” Brad Pitt in “12 Monkeys,” Tim Roth in “Rob Roy,” and Kevin Spacey in “The Usual Suspects;” the winner was Spacey.

If Glenn Close was the greatest beneficiary of her nominations' effects in the 1980s, James Cromwell is the beneficiary of the immediate and positive effects of a Supporting nomination in the 1990s

The son of Hollywod veteran director John Cromwell (who specialized in glossy melodramas such as The Razor's Edge), James was not young when he was nominated for playing the farmer in “Babe,” a fantasy tale about a talk piglet that endeared the hearts of moviegoers and critics. As Kenny Turan wrote in the L.A. Times: “In this age of hype, over-hype and still more hype, what is sweeter than a genuine sleeper, a captivating film that dares to arrive without advance notice “Babe” is such an unanticipated treat.”