Oscar Actors: Cilento, Diane

Born on October 5, 1933 in Brisbane, Australia

The daughter of Sir Ralph West Cilento, a worldrenowned authority on tropical medicine and a distinguished attorney, and Lady Cilento, a gynecologist, she attended New York's American Academy of Dramatic Arts, then London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), before making her screen debut in 1952 and her stage debut the following year.

Cilento subsequently appeared in many London and some Broadway stage productions and played leads in British and some Hollywood films. She was nominated for and Oscar for her performance in “Tom Jones”(1963).

Formerly (1962-1973) married to actor Sean Connery, she is the mother of actor Jason Connery. She is the author of the novels “The Manipulator” and “Hybrid.”

Oscar Alert

In 1963, Diane Cilento competed for the Supporting Actress Oscar with Edit Evans and Joyce Redman, both nominated for “Tom Jones,” Margaret Rutherford (who won) in “The V.I.P.,” and Lilia Skala in “Lilies of the Field.”