Oscar Actors: Carroll, Nancy—Best Actress Nominee (The Devil’s Holiday)

Born Ann Veronica La Hiff on November 19, 1904 in New York City; she died in 1965.

On the musical stage form age 16, and a Broadway chorine at 18, Nancy Carroll entered films in 1927 and became very popular with the advent of talkies, due to her singing, dancing, and acting abilities.

For a while, she was a viable star, known for her flaming red hair and a cupidbow mouth.  She enjoyed a great following through the mid 1930s and was reported to have received more fan mail than any other Hollywood star of the period.

Carroll was nominated for an Oscar for The Devil’s Holiday, in 1930.

A Versatile performer, she was equally good as a comedienne and a sensitive dramatic actress, but by the end of the decade her popularity had waned and she retired from the screen.

In 1950-1, she co-starred in the early TV series, The Aldrich Family.

The first of her three husbands was playwright Jack Kirkland.

Oscar Alert

In 1930, Nancy Carroll competed for the Best Actress Oscar with four other major stars, Norma Shearer who won for The Divorcee,” Ruth Chatterton in Sarah and Son, Garbo in two great roles, Anna Christie” and Romance, and Gloria Swanson in The Trespasser.