Oscar Actors: Allgood, Sara (Supp. Actress Nominee)–Background, Career, Awards

Research in Progress: August 31, 2021
Sara Allgood Career Summary:

Occupational Inheritance:

Social Class:

Race/Ethnicity/Religion: Irish




Teacher/Inspirational Figure:

Radio Debut:

TV Debut:

Stage Debut: Abbey Theater in 1904; aged 17

Broadway Debut:

Film Debut:

Breakthrough Role: Hitchcock’s Juno

Oscar Role:

Other Noms: How Green Was My Valley. 1941; aged 59

Other Awards:

Frequent Collaborator:

Screen Image: typecast as kind mother

Last Film: Cheaper by the Dozen, 1950, aged 67

Career Output:

Film Career Span:



Death: 1950; aged 67


Born October 31, 1883 in Dublin; died in 1950.

Sara Allgood made her debut with the Abbey Theater in 1904.

On the British screen, she repeated her greatest stage success, playing Juno in Hitchcock’s Juno and the Paycock (1930).

In 1940, she went to Hollywood and played amiable character roles in some major films, often as a kindly mother.

Allgood was nominated for the Supporting Actress Oscar for John Ford’s “How Green Was My Valley” (1941).

Her last screen role was in the comedy “Cheaper by the Dozen” (1950).

Oscar Alert

In 1941, Sara Allgood competed for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar with Mary Astor (who won) in The Great Lie, Patricia Collinge in “The Little Foxes,” Teresa Wright in “The Little Foxes,” and Margaret Wycherly in “Sergeant York.”