Oscar Actors: Aleandro, Norma (Supp. Actress)–Background, Career, Awards

Updated July 13, 2021
Norma Aleandro Career Summary:

Occupational Inheritance: Yes; both parents actrs

Social Class: Middle

Race/Ethnicity/Religion: Argeninean




Teacher/Inspirational Figure:

Radio Debut:

TV Debut:

Stage Debut:

Broadway Debut:

Film Debut:

Breakthrough Role: Official Story, 1985; aged 50

Oscar Role:

Other Noms: Gabby; 1987; aged 52

Other Awards: Cannes Fest; Official Story, 1985

Frequent Collaborator:

Screen Image: character actor

Last Film:

Career Output:

Film Career Span:




Norma Aleandro (born May 2, 1936) is an international award-winning Argentine actress, screenwriter, theatre director and author.[1] She is considered one of the most celebrated and prolific Argentinean actresses of all time and is recognized as a cultural icon in Argentina.

Aleandro starred in the Oscar-winning 1985 film The Official Story, a role that earned her the Cannes Award for best actress.

She has performed in other successful films like The Truce (1974), Cousins (1989), Autumn Sun (1996), The Lighthouse (1998), Son of the Bride (2001) and Cama Adentro (2005). For her performance as Florencia Sánchez Morales in the 1987 film Gaby: A True Story, she received a Golden Globe nomination and an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Aleandro wrote the 1970 film The Inheritors and performed in various plays such as August: Osage County. Aleandro recently appeared in the Argentine adaptation of BeTipul, the critically successful En terapia.

Aleandro was born in Buenos Aires on May 2, 1936.

She is the daughter of actors Pedro Aleandro and María Luisa Robledo and the sister of actress María Vaner.

During the late 1970s, she was vocal about her progressive views and during the military dictatorship she was exiled to Uruguay. Later Aleandro moved to Spain and did not return to Argentina until after the military junta fell in 1983.

In 1985, her breakout role was the Argentine Academy Award-winning film The Official Story. For her acting in the film she won the Cannes Award for best actress.

She worked in other Argentine movies such as the Oscar-nominated Son of the Bride, Sol de Otoño, and El Faro.

Aleandro co-starred in a few Hollywood films such as One Man’s War, with Anthony Hopkins, and Gaby: A True Story (1987) for which she received an Oscar nomination.

She also had a minor role in Cousins (1989).

Back in Argentina, she returned to the stage with Master Class and won the María Guerrero award in 1996. The same year, she was honored as Ciudadano Ilustre de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (“Illustrious Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires”).

She has co-starred five times with fellow actor Héctor Alterio: Los siete Locos (1973), the Oscar-nominated The Truce (1974), The Official Story (1985), Son of the Bride (2001) and Cleopatra (2003), the last three of which they played husband and wife.

In 2009, Aleandro appeared in The City of Your Final Destination, directed by James Ivory and co-starring Anthony Hopkins, Laura Linney and Charlotte Gainsbourg.


La muerte en las calles (1952)
Romeo y Julieta (1962) (TV)
La casa de los Medina (1962) (TV)
El último piso (1962)
El amor tiene cara de mujer (1964) (TV)
Cuatro mujeres para Adán (1966) (TV)
Alias Buen Mozo (1966) (TV)
Gente conmigo (1967)
Los herederos (screenwriter) (1970)
La fiaca (1969)
Güemes: la tierra en armas (1971)
Los siete locos (1972)
La tregua (1974)
La historia oficial (1985),
Gaby: A True Story (1987)
Cousins (1989)
Cien veces no debo (1990)
Vital Signs (1990)
Artes especiales (1990)
One Man’s War (1991)
Las tumbas (1991)
Facundo, la sombra del tigre (1995)
Carlos Monzón, el segundo juicio (1995)
Sol de otoño (1996)
El faro (1998)
Corazón iluminado (1998)
Una noche con Sabrina Love (2000)
El hijo de la novia (2001)
La fuga (2001)
Todas las azafatas van al cielo (2002)
Deseo (2002)
Cleopatra (2003)
Ay, Juancito (2004)
18-J (2004)
Seres queridos (2004)
Cama adentro (2004)
Identidad perdida (corto – 2005)
Pura sangre (2006)
Patoruzito, la gran aventura (2006)
The City of Your Final Destination (2009)
Paco (2009)
Música en espera (2009)
Anita (2009)
Andrés no quiere dormir la siesta (2009)
Cuestión de principios (2010)
Familia para armar (pre-production) (2010)
La suerte en tus manos (2012)


Cannes Award and New York Film Critics Circle Awards: Best Actress for The Official Story, 1985
Cartagena Film Festival: Best Actress for Official Story; David Di Donatello: Best Foreign Actress

Donostia-San Sebastián International Film Festival: Best Actress for Sol de Otoño, 1996
Havana Film Festival: Best Actress for Sol de Otoño, 1996
Gramado Film Fest: Best Latin Actress for Son of the Bride, 2002

Academy Award: Best Supporting Actress for Gaby: A True Story, 1987
Golden Globe Award: Best Supporting Actress for Gaby: A True Story, 1987
Martín Fierro Awards: for En terapia, 2012, 2013

Other awards
Konex Award: Diamond Award in 2001
Argentine Film Critics Association Awards: Best Supporting Actress for Son of the Bride, 2001; Best Actress for Sol de Otoño, 1996; Best Actress for The Official Story, 1985
Martín Fierro Awards: Six awards throughout the years
Tato Award: Best Lead Actress in Drama, for En terapia, 2013
Association of Latin Entertainment Critics Awards: Best Character Actress for Cama Adentro, 2006; Best Actress for The Official Story, 1986
Obie Award: Distinguished Performance (Actress) for About Love and Other Stories About Love, 1985
Shakespeare Award: Distinguished career, given by Fundación Romeo Argentina, 2015

Born in 1941 in Argentina, Norma Aleandro began performing with her parents as a child and matured into one of Argentina’s leading thespians.

An outspoken liberal, she repeatedly clashed with her country’s military junta and was forced to spend much of the late 1970s and early 1980s in exile, in Uruguay, then Spain.

Aleandro returned to Buenos Aires in 1982 and resumed her starring career on stage and in films. She also performed on the New York stage. In 1985, she shared the best actress prize at the Cannes Film Festival for her powerful performance in “The Official Story,” an Oscar winner as Best Foreign Language film.

She was nominated for a Supporting Academy Award in “Gaby–A True Story” (1987).

She collaborated on the screenplay of the Argentinean film “Los Herederos” and is the author of published short stories and poems.

Oscar Alert:

In 1987, Aleandro competed for the Supporting Actress Oscar with Anne Archer in “Fatal Attraction,” Olympia Dukakis (who won) in “Moonstruck,” Anne Ramsey in “Throw Momma from the Train,” and Ann Southern in “The Whales of August.”