Oscar 2019: SURPRISE–Marina De Tavira, Roma (Best Supporting Actress)

SURPRISE: Marina De Tavira, Roma (Best Supporting Actress)

Marina De Tavira earned a best supporting actress nomination for her role as Sra. Sofía in Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma.

The film is admired by critics and was expected to garner many nominations, but De Tavira had not been projected to earn a nod her performance as the weary, neglected matriarch of the family that Yalitza Aparicio’s Cleo works for.

Yalitza earned a Best Actress nomination, joining the small groups of actresses nominated for lead performances in foreign-language films (usually French or Italian).

De Tavira deserves nomination for her performance, but she probably “took” the spot that had been predicted to be occupied by Nicole Kidman, as the loving mother in Boy Erased.