Oscar 2018: Thief of McDormand’s Oscar Arrested

Alex Berliner, the celeb photographer and his media escort acted heroically Sunday night when they chased down the thief who stole Frances McDormand’s Oscar from the Governor Ball, demanding that he hand over the trophy. They let the robber go and then security caught up with him.

The man accused of stealing McDormand’s Oscar has been arrested, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed.

Identified as Terry Bryant, the thief was booked on felony grand theft charges after snatching the best actress statue from McDormand’s table after the ceremony. His bail is set at $20,000, according to LAPD spokesperson Rosario Herrera.

New York Times culture reporter Cara Buckley tweeted on Sunday night that the alleged thief was stopped by Wolfgang Puck’s photographer (Puck caters the annual party). The Oscar was then returned to McDormand, who allegedly told security to release the man.