Oscar 2018: Paul Thomas Anderson Raves about Chris Nolan’s Dunkirk

It’s nice when one Oscar nominated director praises another one-despite competition for the same award.

Paul Thomas Anderson was vastly impressed by Chris Nolan’s Dunkirk.

The Phantom Thread director recently attended the Santa Barbara Film Fest, where he raved about the movies made by his fellow Oscar nominees for Best Director Oscar.

Anderson and Nolan have long been friends thanks to their shared love of celluloid over digital, so of course Anderson saw “Dunkirk” in 70mm and was totally blown away.

“I always get to see Chris’ films in the optimal setting, hot off the presses,” Anderson said. “I just remember thinking that, as many times as you’ve done this, there’s no greater pleasure than sitting in a movie theater now and saying, ‘How the fuck did he do that?!’ That was every single moment [with ‘Dunkirk’], really.”