Oscar 2016: Best Documentary Feature–Amy

Best Documentary Feature: ‘Amy’

Backstage Comments

“The perception of Amy Winehouse has changed,” said Asif Kapadia, director of the documentary about the iconic singer. “Particularly in the U.S., people would sum her up in one word: ‘trainwreck.’ … there’s so much more to her.”

Producer James Gay Rees was asked backstage about the controversy of Winehouse’s father disagreeing with the documentary and speaking out against it on Twitter. “At the end of the day, the film’s about Amy. She became a bit of a punching bag in the press, and this film has opened their eyes to her again. That was what our job was, to tell people how great Amy was, and I think that that should be enough,” he said.

“When I started learning about her I started falling in love with her,” said Kapadia, who started working on the documentary about Winehouse about a year after her death. “That was part of the mission of the film: To get people to think next time before they write that nasty tweet or article.”