Oscar 2014: Ellen Degeneres Favored Over Neil Patrick Harris

A recent online poll finds that Neil Patrick Harris is generating less excitement than Ellen DeGeneres did when she announced last year.

In comparing surveys done at the time of each of their official announcements, 31% of respondents said that DeGeneres as host meant that they were very likely to watch the Oscars that year; versus 3% who said they are very likely to tune into the 2015 awards show because of Harris as host.

Also from the surveys, both with a sample size of 3,000 and conducted by celebrity brand strategist Jeetendr Sehdev, 23% of respondents believed that DeGeneres was the best choice at the time to host; versus 6% that think the same for Harris. A number of people remain on the fence – as 56% and 19% answered “Maybe” for DeGeneres and Harris as best choice, respectively.

Although Harris might be at an initial disadvantage with audiences relative to DeGeneres, Sehdev believes that he can still succeed in his Oscar role.

“The Oscars are on a viewership upswing, so Neil Patrick Harris will likely ride the wave,” said Sehdev.

The online survey questionnaires asked people to assign a 1 to 10 rating to various questions, where a 1-3 answer translated to a “not likely” or “no” response; 4-6 meant “indifferent” or “maybe”; and 8-10 meant “very likely” or “yes.” Any 7 answer was thrown out.

Also for this year’s survey, people were asked to compare Harris with past hosts Steve Martin, Chris Rock and DeGeneres; plus a rumored wanted host who passed, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. People were asked to rank each on a scale of 1 (most want to host) to 5 (least want to host), with scores translated to a 100-point index. DeGeneres is most coveted by far with an 87 score; runners-up in descending order, are Rock, Louis-Dreyfus, Martin and Harris.

The following are responses to the survey:

How do you feel about Neil Patrick Harris/Ellen DeGeneres hosting the Oscars? (A rating scale of 1-10. 1=Don’t care and 10=Care a lot).

Neil Patrick Harris:

Care a lot: 7%

Indifferent: 78%

Don’t care: 15%


Care a lot: 41%

Indifferent: 35%

Don’t care: 24%

(Note: Ellen’s ‘Don’t care’ number is higher that Neil Patrick Harris’s number (24% vs. 15%). However, Ellen’s brand is more polarizing and this ultimately makes for much stronger influence.)

Do you think Neil Patrick Harris/Ellen DeGeneres is the best host for the Oscars? (Options: Yes, No, Maybe)

Neil Patrick Harris:

Yes: 6%

No: 75%

Maybe: 19%


Yes:  23%

No: 21%

Maybe: 56%

How likely are you to watch the Oscars because Neil Patrick Harris/Ellen DeGeneres is hosting?

A rating scale of 1-10. 1=Not likely and 10=Very likely.

Neil Patrick Harris:

Very likely: 3%

Indifferent: 72%

Not likely: 25%


Very likely: 31%
Indifferent: 41%
Not likely: 28%

Rank from 1-5 the person you would most like to host the Oscars in 2015

Options specific to Neil Patrick Harris: Ellen Degeneres, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Rock, Steve Martin

1=most 5=least. (done on a scale of 100)

1. Ellen Degeneres (87)

2. Chris Rock (43)

3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (36)

4. Steve Martin (27)

5. Neil Patrick Harris (3)